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    Welcome to LuxFlex Group!

    Please, choose a title above for the area you are interested to work with us.
    You will be brought to different departments of our Group. We are servicing in English and French.

    What we do

    Facilitate your day-to-day business tasks, by working with LuxFlex Group

    We are providing accounting/company establishment services in Luxembourg.


    We are offering secretary, phone, online support services.


    Consulting and Marketing project management.All in One.


    Design and Print Services for any marketing supports.

    Textile for work

    Textile and Workwear supply for various areas. Personalized or non.

    Web services

    Web-site, hosting, domain name, SEO, facebook pages, newsletters management

    Advantagesall business tasks with one supplier

    Looking for various services and unique serious provider?

    LuxFlex Group is building relationships for long time. We are treating carefully each request of our customer.

    Online 24/7 Support

    Available for online administration services.